Workplace pensions

Our pension solutions are robust yet straightforward, delivering advantages for employers, employees, and any supporting employee benefit adviser.


Our advisers are here to assist you in maintaining compliance with auto-enrollment pension legislation. We can guide you in implementing salary sacrifice schemes and ensure the efficient setup and operation of your pension.

In managing the scheme, you have the flexibility to either upload a spreadsheet or request a direct connection to your payroll provider via an API connection, further streamlining the process for you.

Upon receiving your funds, we promptly reconcile them and allocate them into individual pension pots for your employees.


As a client of Digital Wealth Systems, you will consistently have access to real-time information about your pension through our online portal.

If you opt for it, you have the option to engage our discretionary fund managers to oversee a portfolio on your behalf. In such cases, they take on the role of decision-makers, selecting assets and funds to align with your stated objectives.

Alternatively, you can direct your own investments from our expanding list of funds.

When it comes to taking benefits, you will enjoy complete flexibility.

Our pension could truly sustain you throughout your entire working life.

Employee Benefit Advisers

Employee benefit advisers are empowered to seamlessly submit and proficiently manage cases on behalf of your clients through the utilization of our cutting-edge portal technology.


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