Investment choice

The Digital Group SIPP is designed to provide a much greater investment choice than a simple personal pension, or workplace scheme.

Working alongside a firm of award-winning Discretionary Fund Managers, the Digital Group SIPP gives access to a range of different investment options.


Managed investment portfolios

The Digital Group SIPP has a choice of 17 multi-fund, risk-graded portfolios, to suit your individual investment aims, cost and ethical requirements. The portfolios both widen the investment opportunity and spread the investment risk, with each portfolio being made up of a number of different funds from a range of household name investment managers.

Under auto-enrolment, when you are enrolled into the scheme your contributions must be allocated to a default investment. This will be a low-cost portfolio, which generally has a medium risk-profile that is suitable for the majority of investors.

The member portal has detailed information on each of the portfolios, and you may choose to change your investments at any time. You should take into account various factors, such as your attitude to investment risk, ethical concerns, the length of time that your money will be invested and whether you take an active interest in investment matters.


Sharia and cash investments

The Digital Group SIPP has specific portfolios for these 2 options:

Sharia portfolio – available to everyone but specifically designed for people who wish to align their investments with the principles of the Islamic faith.

Money Market portfolio – for protection of capital or as a short-term investment option.