Costs and charges

To provide value for money and meet the requirements of auto-enrolment legislation, workplace pension schemes must operate within a maximum charge cap of 0.75% pa when using the default investment route.

What charges apply to the Digital Group SIPP?

The Digital Group SIPP operates with a combination of 2 charges, which are deducted automatically within the scheme:

1 – a platform charge of 0.60% pa, which covers all of the scheme administration and general support services.

The platform charge reduces for larger fund values, as follows:

  • the first £350,000: 0.60% pa
  • between £350,000 and £700,000: 0.51% pa
  • over £700,000: 0.42% pa

2 – a separate investment charge, which varies according to your chosen portfolio or funds.

For the default investment, this charge is approximately 0.08% pa.

The total cost is therefore approximately 0.68% pa, using the default investment portfolio.

After being auto-enrolled, you are free to choose an alternative investment route. This is not constrained by the maximum charge cap and may have higher annual charges.